Bargain -  - Parrot Minidrones Jumping Race Jett - White

Parrot Minidrones Jumping Race Jett - White

Brand: Parrot
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Sold by: DWI Digital Cameras
Product / Price Updated: 7 Mar
Product Listed: 29 Feb, 2016
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1 year DWI Inhouse Warranty, 3-7 Business Days Ship. Parrot Minidrones Jumping Race Jett - White- Jumps up to 2.4 ft (75cm) - Rolls at 13 ft/s (4m/s) and turns 90° and 180° - Wide-angle camera for video streaming and immersive piloting - Talk and listen through your robot - Wide tires adapted for high speed driving - Adjustable wheel track for speed or stability - Save pictures and videos to the internal memory (4GB) - Road Plan: program your own sequence with acrobatics - Pre-programmed stunts and 3 piloting modes - Super intuitive driving control via Wi-Fi and FreeFlight 3 App through your smartphone or TabletDiscover Parrot Jumping Race Drone, one of the second-generation Minidrones. Fast, energetic and ultra-stable, this dashing drone sports large tires for racing. Adapted for high speed, Jumping Race Drone offers pilots a spectrum of thrilling experiences. Jump into the heart of the

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