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MD0368 HL8059 3V DC-DC Heart Rate Module For Arduino

$12.80 AUD

File download: Click to open Feature: HL8059-3V DC-DC heart rate module is a heart rate test module, use DC3V power supply, adds DC - DC isolation power supply to make it more secure and reliable, PLUSE pin output heartbeat data, form a complete set of the 3.5 mm headphone cables with glue stick, test data is accurate, strong anti-interference, simple to use. Specification: Operating voltage: DC 3V Maintain current: 0.01uA Working current: 1mA Operating temperature range: -20 to +60 Chip: Use the exclusive professional heart rate processing chip Strong anti-interference: Can choose 50HZ or 60HZ power regulator DC3V power supply (through 50, 60HZ chip resistors) Size: 41x18x13mm Weight: 5g Package includes: 1 x Heart Rate Module 2 x Healthy pad 1 x Cable