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50g/100g 0.8/1.0mm Lead-Free Solder Wire With SGS Certificate Environmentally Friendly NO-Clean

$6.38 AUD

Specifications: Name: Lead-Free Solder Wire Diameter: 1.0mm / 0.8mm Weight: 100g / 50g Melting Point: 361F/183C Features: 1. The products has successfully got the SGS certification and less residues remained after soldering and low ion pollution; 2. The solder wire with rosin it don't need solder paste, convenient for desoldering; 3. Excellent oxidation-resistance; 4. We professional in exported quality ,electrolysis with high-purity solder ,suitable for high-level electronic products; 5. Enough quantity ,low eccentricity ,uniform thickness; 6. Fresh smell ,less smoke, no repulsive smell. With rosin, no-clean No-clean solder wire with rosin, it don't need solder paste, convenient for operation. The rosin is for improve the heat conduction when soldering,to remove oxidation,lower the surface tension of soldering material. Also,it can remove the oil stain of soldering material, larger the soldering area. The tin content in solder wire 99.3%,copper content in solder wire 0.7%. Package includes: 1 x Solder Wire More Details: