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1L 2 Stroke Oil Petrol Fuel Mixing Bottle Tank Container 25:1 50:1 for Chainsaw Trimmer

$6.52 AUD

Specification: Material: Nylon Plastic Color: White Capacity: 1L Size: 16x7x18cm Features: - There are two parts of the container, the large part is for gasoline and small part for engine oil. - You can easily handle it for the 2 ratio scales are shown on 2 vertical sides for fuel, and the scales for gasoline are constant. - What you only have to do is to find out the corresponding vertical side according to your demand. You may find 25:1 50:1 scale on the engine oil part, and 1L and 0.5L for both parts are available. Instruction: e.g. To get a mixed ratio, 25:1, you should take the following steps: 1. Find out the vertical side for ratio 25:1 2. Pour in your wanted volume scale written on this side, e.g.1L 3. Pour in the same volume(1L) on the gasoline side Then you will get 20:1 mixture of 1L Package Included: 1 x Fuel Mixing Bottle Tank More Details: